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On Edge: New Frontiers in Atlantic History

A two-day conference on landed and aquatic frontiers at the University of Southampton in summer 2016

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Stardust Workshop

The 2nd Global Virtual Workshop will address the topics of asteroids and space debris with a focus on the technical aspects of these themes. The workshop is one of a series of events organised by the Stardust training and research network and this event is the second global virtual workshop to be held. The format of these workshops allows people to attend in-person or virtually via a teleconference connection.

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British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Conference

The BPPA Annual Conference is an annual philosophy conference run by and for postgraduate students in the UK, as well as the occasional keen traveller from foreign parts.

Spread over a weekend, it aims at philosophical rigour but seeks also to leaven the deep-furrowed ponderings with social frolicking and gambolling. Typically, the BPPA Conference has 12-16 postgraduate speakers, plus a big-name keynote speaker from the host university. The atmosphere is always very friendly and helpful, and the conference is a lot of fun.

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Cannibalism in the Early Modern Atlantic

A two-day conference on cannibalism at the University of Southampton, seeking to bridge disciplinary gaps between anthropology, archaeology, history, and literature.

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Motion and Vibration Conference and Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics conference hosted at the University of Southampton in 2016.

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The conference is based on collaboration between Ecole Normandie in France and the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Southampton. The conference will be based at the Winchester School of Art

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The Art of Compassion

The Association of Medical Humanities annual conference.

The theme of the conference is ‘The Art of Compassion’ which aims to explore and share the extent to which medical humanities can generate understanding and maximise its potential to transform medical practice. It is hoped that this conference will contribute to the current debate around compassion and the development of compassionate practice in healthcare.

Registration for the conference available from 3rd March at


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International Conference on Generalized Functions 2014

This conference continues a long-standing tradition of international conferences on generalized functions gathering researchers working in all branches of generalized functions. Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Distribution theory, hyperfunctions, algebras of generalized functions, integral transforms,
  • Linear and nonlinear differential equations, solvabilty, regularity, stochastic equations,
  • Pseudodifferential operators and microlocal analysis,
  • Geometric problems and nonlinear differential geometry,
  • Applications in mathematical modelling and mathematical physics, and applied analysis
  • Harmonic analysis, modulation spaces, time-frequency analysis.

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EARLI – European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction

Marrying rigour and relevance: towards effective education for all

The relationship between research and practice has long been a key concern in education and the social sciences more generally. For the field of educational effectiveness, this issue is at the forefront even more, given that the very intention of EER has from its origins been not just to identify the characteristics of effective education, but to influence policy and practice for greater effectiveness. At the same time, the field has always striven to put our knowledge of educational processes onto a sound scientific footing by employing rigorous research designs and analytical methods, which have increased in sophistication over the years.

In contrast to the views of some critics of the field, we feel that this methodological rigour is essential to provide practitioners and policymakers with information that is sufficiently robust to be used as a basis for decision making, and the theme of this conference reflects this belief.

It is therefore the aim of this conference to explore ways in which we can continue to produce research that is both rigorous and relevant, and also look at ways in which complex methods, designs and findings can be communicated and co-constructed with practitioners and policymakers. As such we aim to build on traditional strengths of our field, while being aware of the challenges we face.

The second part of the conference title likewise reflects both longstanding concerns in the field and recent developments. The principle of equity and positive educational outcomes for all students, whatever their background, has always motivated researchers in our field, but has if anything become even more central as many societies are confronted with growing inequality and complexity, and we hope to stimulate discussion on ways we can contribute to improving quality education for all students.

The conference should therefore be relevant to researchers, practitioners and students with an interest in educational effectiveness.

We look forward to welcoming you at Southampton!

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Southampton Workshop on Heat Recovery Systems

Workshop on Heat Recovery Systems

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Electrochem 20013

The meeting will cover a wide range of aspects related to electrochemical science and technology which will be covered by eight symposia:

  1. Fundamental electrochemistry
  2. Materials and nanomaterials
  3. Electrochemical engineering and technology, industrial developments
  4. Corrosion sciences and engineering       
  5. Energy storage: Batteries, redox flow cells, supercapacitors 
  6. Energy conversion, fuel cells, biofuel cells, solar cells
  7. Applications of electrochemistry in sensors, medicine, biology

The symposia will provide opportunities for sharing and discuss innovative work and networking.

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The 8th International Conference on Multiple Comparison Procedures will be held on July 8 - 11, 2013 at University of Southampton, UK.

The main goal of the conference is to promote research and applications of multiple comparison procedures. The application areas of multiple comparison procedures are a rich and important source of cross-disciplinary statistical research. The conference will provide a forum for technical interactions among industry practitioners, research scientists from subject matter areas and statisticians.

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VeRoLog 2013

The second meeting of the EURO working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization (VeRoLog) will take place in Southampton, UK from July 8 to 10, 2013

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International Conference on the Global Financial Crisis: European Financial Markets and Institutions

We are pleased to announce an international conference in banking and finance that will be held in the beautiful city of Southampton, UK on 25-26 April, 2013. The international conference is organised by the School of Management, University of Southampton, in association with the Journal of International Money and Finance and the Money Macro and Finance Research Group. Professor James Lothian of Fordham Universit, USA will deliver the keynote speech. Professor Charles Goodhart of London Business School will present a lunch time seminar.

To view photos from the conference please visit our Management School Facebook page

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Eleventh International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics

For full information on RASD 2013 please visit the official pages by clicking here.

The Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) is pleased to announce that the Eleventh International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics will be held at the University of Pisa, Italy, on 1-3 July 2013. The first conference of the series was held in 1980.

This conference is devoted to theoretical, numerical and experimental developments in structural dynamics and their application to all types of structures and dynamical systems.

The conference will reflect the state-of-the-art of structural dynamics and dynamical systems in science and engineering practice and is an opportunity to exchange scientific, technical and experimental ideas. There will be five keynote lectures and parallel technical sessions.  All submitted papers will be peer reviewed

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School of Management PhD Conference

The University of Southampton’s School of Management is delighted to annouce details of the Seventh Annual PhD Conference for 2011.This is an opportunity not to be missed to meet other School of Management PhD students, Master students and Research staff members in a friendly environment and to gain awareness about each other’s research areas.

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American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists

This year’s AASP Annual Meeting will be held at the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, England, and will be a joint meeting with The Palynology Group of The Micropalaeontological Society.  The National Oceanography Centre, a collaboration between the Natural Environment Research Council and the University of Southampton is the largest institution of its kind in Europe, a £50m purpose-built centre which opened in 1995.

The AASP meeting will run consecutively after Dino 9 at the University of Liverpool.

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Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology

The Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) 2012 conference will be hosted by the Archaeological Computing Research Group in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southampton on 26-30 March 2012

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