Stardust Global Virtual Workshop II

University of Southampton

January 19, 2016 – January 22, 2016

About the Workshop

The 2nd Global Virtual Workshop will address the topics of asteroids and space debris with a focus on the technical aspect of these themes. The workshop is one of a series of events organised by the Stardust training and research network and it is the second of the virtual workshops. This format provides attendees with the opportunity to participate in-person, or virtually via a teleconference connection. To connect to the workshop virtually, only an internet browser will be required.

The University of Southampton is hosting the 2nd Global Virtual Workshop and has been engaged in space debris and near Earth object research for more than two decades. Modelling the space debris environment and identifying suitable mitigation strategies to reduce the space debris population are key areas of interest for the Astronautics Research Group, with respect to space debris. Near Earth object research addresses the impact hazard, its associated consequences as well as how to protect the population on Earth.

We would like to invite anyone wishing to present at this workshop to upload a two page abstract for review. Please see the 'Call for Contributions' page for more information.


About Stardust

Stardust is a unique training and research network devoted to developing and mastering techniques for asteroid and space debris monitoring, removal/deflection and exploitation.

  • Stardust is training the next generation of engineers, scientists and decision-makers to protect our planet, ensure the security of our space assets, and turn the threat represented by asteroids and space debris into an opportunity.
  • Stardust will push the boundaries of space research through innovative ideas and visionary concepts.
  • Stardust will integrate multiple disciplines, from robotics, to applied mathematics, from computational intelligence to astrodynamics, to find practical and effective solutions to the asteroid and space debris issues.
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About Southampton and the University

Southampton has a population of 250,000 and is located on the UK’s south coast. It is a diverse city with a big industrial port for containers and cruise ships and home to many sailing enthusiasts. The New Forest national park is located nearby and the Isle of Wight may be reached via a short ferry ride. The city itself offers many parks (with a public 5k run every Saturday morning), shopping and dining opportunities and of course traditional English pubs.
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A short video introducing Southampton may be viewed at this link:
Southampton Introductory Video

The workshop will be hosted at the University of Southampton. The University is a global institution ranked in the top 1% worldwide for research and education, but with roots in the local community. It is a founding member of the prestigious Russell Group of research intensive universities, with research in engineering in particular being ranked top in the UK (by power).
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The location of the University is shown here:
Google Maps of University.

A printable map of the university can be accessed here:
Uni Campus Map as PDF

How to get to University of Southampton

The University has its own webpage describing the easiest way to get to the University

Directions to the University and maps can be found here. Airline FlyBe operates services between Southampton and cities in the UK and Europe, with more comprehensive services available through airlines operating via London Heathrow and London Gatwick, which can be reached by National Express bus services (to and from the University) or by rail from Southampton Airport Parkway or Central stations.

In any case, flight options can be explored on or Google Flights

Southampton Airport via FlyBe
FlyBe has a direct service operating between Southampton and Amsterdam (Schiphol), which can provide a convenient connection for international flights. Southampton Airport is situated close to the city and is served by the Uni-link bus service, which operates every 15 min (or so) with direct connections to many locations in the city (University, hotels, city centre). The route from the airport is U1C and it departs directly in front of the airport. Tickets for the bus may be purchased from the driver at a cost of £2. Alternatively, a rental car may be picked up at Southampton Airport.

Southampton via London Gatwick Airport and train
London Gatwick is a major international airport that offers connections to many locations in Europe and the world. There is a regular train connection from Gatwick to Southampton central station that runs at least hourly. The average journey time is 2 hours. Occasionally, it is possible to book a direct train. Otherwise, one train change will be required at most. Train tickets may be purchased and connections may be checked at (typical cost is £25 one way):
Trainline Webpage

Getting from Gatwick to Southampton with a rental car is also possible. The route is shown here.

Southampton via London Heathrow Airport and bus
London Heathrow is the major airport in the region. The bus company National Express offers frequent services between Southampton University (Southampton city centre is also possible) and Heathrow Airport. The connection takes approximately 2 hours and is direct. Tickets, which should be purchased in advance, can be obtained via the National Express webpage: here (typical cost is £25 one way).

Again, the option to take a rental car from Heathrow to Southampton is possible. The route is shown here.