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“TOMOBIKI Night” a Japanese Archaeo-GIS Ustream programme
Yasuhisa Kondo, Takayuki Ako

Last modified: 2011-12-21


This talk presents “TOMOBIKI Night!!”––a self-produced Ustream programme on archaeology and related fields of research and technologies in Japan ( The Ustream is an online broadcasting service, and is now broadly used for independent talk sessions, music and other entertainment programmes, and also academic presentations. It is very easy to get started: All we have to prepare is a computer with broadband Internet connection and webcam. The “TOMOBIKI Night!!” programme is coordinated by the authors, and is broadcasted every tomobiki day (every twelve days in average according to the Japanese lunar calendar system) [1][2]. It has been broadcasted for twenty-four times from August 2010 to November 2011. The contents include the latest news, current issues on archaeology and related fields, introduction of useful computer applications and tools, and upcoming events. Guests are occasionally invited from related fields such as geography, geomorphology, and geospatial engineering, to give an informal and interactive talk about their research. The audience gives comments in real time through Twitter gadget (Social Stream) embedded in the interface of the Ustream viewer. Such an interaction advances exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas of research to form a new, real, and interdisciplinary academic connection.


[1] Ako, T. and Y. Kondo (2011) Archaeo-GIS Workshop’s USTREAM ‘TOMOBIKI Night!!’ at the Dawn of Academic Social Media. Paper presented at Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2011, held at Makuhari, May 22–27, 2011.

[2] Kondo, Y., G. Matsumoto, Y. Seino, T. Ako, W. Fukui, M. Sugiura, T. Uozu, and H. Yamaguchi. (in press) A union of dispersed knowledge and people: achievements of Archaeo-GIS Workshop 2007–2010. CAA 2011 Proceedings.


Ustream; broadcasting; interdisciplinary communication; social media