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Three-dimensional archaeology; recording, analysis and visualisation

Virtual RTI of Three Dimensional Datasets
James Miles
Low-cost, rapid, mid-resolution 3D data capture using miniature, automatic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and modern computer vision algorithms
Hartmut Tschauner
3D model of Lugo’s Roman Walls (Galicia-Spain) using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
María J. Iniesto-Alba, Alicia Cañizares, David Miranda, Rafael Crecente
Recording on Commercial Excavations with the Nikon Archaeology iSpace System.
Maarten Smeets, Geoff Avern
Multi-scalar, multi-sensor, three-dimensional documentation: two case studies exploring the utility of various methods in different environments
Rachel Opitz, Katie Simon, Geoff Avern, Thann Baker, Christine Markussen
Archiving Three-Dimensional Archaeology: New Technologies, New Solutions?
Kieron Niven
Capturing and working with 3D data in heritage contexts
Paul J Cripps