University of Southampton OCS (beta), CAA 2012

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Visualisation and the Interpretive Process: An Investigation into the Practice of Archaeological Reconstruction
Alice Elizabeth Watterson

Last modified: 2012-02-21


This research poster investigates the ways in which the creative processes involved in the production of archaeological visualizations engage with and develop the interpretive process.

Using a case-study from the visualisation of a 19th Century blackhouse on St Kilda in Scotland the poster will consider the nature of the artist’s engagement with the archaeological record and site throughout the various stages of the reconstruction process (data collection in the field, creation of the 3D models and consumption of the resulting visualizations by various audiences). With the aim of understanding how this process of visualisation and the creation of subjective narratives influences the integrity of the captured record, the control of experience and the ways we model uncertainty.


Digital Reconstruction; Virtual Heritage; Archaeological Visualisation; Laser Scanning; Scottish Ten; St Kilda; Skara Brae