University of Southampton OCS (beta), CAA 2012

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ArcheoInf, the CIDOC-CRM and STELLAR: workflow, bottlenecks, and where we go from here?
Geoff Carver

Last modified: 2011-12-20


This presentation reports on work undertaken to implement the CIDOC-CRM for the ArcheoInf project. ArcheoInf ( is intended to act as a data repository, a database whichcombines and integrates primary archaeological data collected and processed during surveys orexcavations and stored in individual project databases. Although creating ArcheoInf presented anumber of difficulties (many related to terminology), the presentation focuses on an aspect of thecreation of metadata mapped to the CIDOC-CRM for export in RDF format using STELLAR. The“standard” STELLAR templates enable exports into the English Heritage version of the CIDOCCRM, but since  ArcheoInf is not concerned with databases or projects using English Heritagedocumentation standards, these had to be modified.The presentation describes the process of mapping existing databases into the  CIDOC-CRM andthen creating STELLAR templates for exporting the results of SQL queries into an XML/RDF format.


STELLAR; ArcheoInf;