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21st Century Archaeology- How Do We Make an Archaeology Curriculum that Involves Digital Devices Beyond Token Programs?
Doug Rocks-Macqueen

Last modified: 2011-12-22


While current archaeology students are surrounded by digital devices their use of it in an archaeological classroom setting is very limited, for example only using word processor software to write papers. Furthermore, their understanding of how these devices operate is peripheral at best, with most students not able to articulate what HTML is let alone what is has to do with the internet. This collaboration seeks ideas and techniques to embed digital practice and most importantly theory into an archaeology curriculum. Preferably beyond the common practice of specialized classes on the subject but whole process that encapsulate all classes and concepts in an archaeology curriculum.  


This collaboration will start off with few suggestions and ideas around the topic of webpages but all aspects of digital technology are open for discussion from GIS to Ipads. Any ideas for the incorporation of digital into an archaeology curriculum are welcome.


Teaching; computers; digital; media; curriculum; collaboration