University of Southampton OCS (beta), CAA 2012

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Modeling Stonehenge: visualisation, auralisation, apps and films
Rupert Till

Last modified: 2012-01-02


This paper discusses an ongoing project exploring digital modeling of Stonehenge. It begins by discussing the importance of sound in multimedia contexts, discussing perception as an act of looking and listening. It explores methodologies of acoustic modeling and auralisation, as well as synchronised presentation of auralisation along with 3D visualisation. It will illustrate the acoustic analysis data that can be generated by acoustic modeling, and the possible uses of such results, as well as methods of 3D sound presentation using ambisonic decoding. It discusses the creation of a 3D model of Stonehenge from a 1993 photogrammetric scan, as an experimental interpretation of the site's possible orientations in prehistory, and the use of interactivity and stereoscopic vision to display the model. It discusses and illustrates a project transferring the model into an iphone app, and the advantages and restrictions of such a process. The paper concludes in a discussion of future plans for the project, for further modeling, and reflects upon the level of detail required for such visualisation and auralisation projects, as well as assessing the challenges raised by such work.


Stonehenge Auralisation Visualisation apps