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A new online platform for archaeological and cultural heritage dissemination and discussion
Nicola Schiavottiello, Sharjil Nawed

Last modified: 2011-12-22


The advent of social network, media repository, online communities and forums have revolutionised the way of communicating and interact with each other. This new way of communication has mostly found its potential in the speediness and the efficiency of achieving simple tasks that could not be achieved  before and gave the power to their user rather than only to their host.
Up to now researchers, teachers, students or just followers have tried to connect with a number of  different social platform; however these have not been merged yet under a thematic scheme based on Archaeological-Cultural heritage studies and their commercial applications.

Here we present a solution that can reunify many aspects of archaeological practice, discussion and its commercial application. We propose do this by developing a platform were the power of choosing and customizing personal interest is given to the user. He/she will be able to purse a number of different tasks such as for example viewing, uploading, job searching, publishing, interacting, creating exploring places of common interests and much more.    
Many features will rely on a concept that “everything is editable and tag-able”. What we are trying to achieve at the research level is the fact that while archaeological projects can be by nature very fragmented, due to a series of issues such as the lack of funding and time, they can be fulfilled with the help of everyone that can access this central community.
On the commercial level it is important that listed projects are reached also by everyone and  that human skills can be put together in order to achieve common objectives and to gain more experience.  

We hope that within a span of time this platform will become a compendium of archaeological knowledge around the globe and that will be considered not only a  repository of a single specialized subject but most of all a network of specialized people.


online search; online databsae; social network